Every solution for your school or institution in one place and with education in its DNA. In 2012 we went through a major challenge trying to manage a franchise with many schools using multiple pieces software that altogether would provide enough data to analyze the business. Even though we used the latest in technology that was available at the time, none of those software could alone provide the level of information for excellent management. InSeconds was conceived from the need to seek a better solution and to get the answers in one place. InSeconds is the solution that came out of our need to solve your problem.

InSeconds came from the necessity and search for a solution that would singularly provide a solution to our needs.

InSeconds is a solution based on our extensive experience with accredited schools to create solutions for you!

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What we offer:

Now, there is the possibility for you to access ONE platform will all of the tools necessary to manage your school: financial, administrative, operational, sales, academic, and educational.

An SMS that can be tailored to any type of educational setting: Language schools, day cares, elementary, middle, high schools, colleges, and universities.

We created an SMS that gathers information, reorganizes, provides data and statistics, so you can dedicate your time to what really matters, the strategic aspects of managing your business!

Our Team

Our team members have over 20 years of experience in education management, in the US and Latin America. We specialize and have ample experience in the areas of: Technology, Information, Marketing, Education, Administration, Operations, Sales and recruitment, and Accreditation. Our experience will contribute greatly with the goals and the financial health of your business.

Exclusive School Management System (SMS) For Schools.

Businesses must have their processes aligned with the product they deliver.

Utilizing an ERP developed by professionals in the field of education optimizes the decision-making process.

With a team composed by exceptional professionals, we were able to map every single process in the industry and developed a single platform capable of handling any aspects of these processes.

How InSeconds Works

Lead generation is based in the profile of a specific prospect student.

Data collection and its effective organization provides the management with tools to run a highly efficient institutional operation.

The possibility of registering employee worked hours, calculating work shifts, and even processes to generate payroll which of specific workers, faculty, etc...

As the objective is learning, the development of each process took in consideration the need for clear communication between students and school.

Since the main focus is in students learning new skills in a pre-determined timeframe, our processes were maximized seeking an equilibrium with a dual-purpose time and investment.

Management tools were developed with two of the major challenges in this industry in mind, dropout rates and late payments. Our business intelligent tools allows the institution to detect and monitor patterns, creating preventive actions before the student stops a course or stops paying the institution.